Triad Local is placed in over 100 Piedmont NC area hotels, included in new resident packages with local Piedmont NC realtors, schools, hospitals (Baptist hospital potential doctors and residents are mailed the Triad Local), local visitors centers and realtors mail the Triad Local to potential residents as well for their corporate clients planning on moving to the Piedmont Triad NC. Also, placed in all High Point Market Showroom buildings, shuttles and airports by the High Point Market Authority.

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Market penetration:
Hotels, Luxury Apartments, Realtors, Visitors Centers, Supermarkets (Harris Teeters, Food Lions), over 600 upscale businesses in 8 Piedmont Counties from Advance to Burlington and surrounding areas.

There were 4,032,856 rooms booked in the Piedmont Triad Hotels in 2013.  An average of 268,857 rooms a month with an 1.9 people staying in each room. Meaning there is an average of 510,828 people visiting the Piedmont Triad hotels per month.  (each year these numbers have been increasing)

1.5 Billion dollars is spend by visitors each year here in the Piedmont Triad.

What does that mean to you?  Ask yourself…

How many hotels are near your business?
How much does an average customer spend?

On average, there are 3,000 – 5,000 visitors per month per hotel

Revenue per hotel
If average spending is $25 and you get just 1% of the visitors from the closest hotel…
1% of the visitors per hotel yields $750 – $1250 in monthly revenue
5 hotels near by yeilds $3,750 – $6,250 per month

Even 1/5 of 1% can more than triple your monthly investment!!!

Luxury Apartment Complexes
300 – 900 residents per luxury apartment community
Income: 40k – 75k
Age: 25 – 45

Revenue per Luxury Apartment Complex
If average spending is $25 and you get just 1% of the visitors from the closest complex…
10% of the residents yields $750 – $2250 in monthly revenue
5 complexes near by yeilds $3,750 – $11,250 per month