SMS Marketing

An effective mobile strategy does not work independently in a vacuum. Rather, its power lies in its ability to turn any traditional advertising medium into an interactive engagement piece. By using the mobile channel to make almost anything virtually “clickable,” you extend its reach, its information richness, and its measurability.The ROI increases dramatically for:
• Signage and POS displays
• Print ads
• Flyers and circulars
• Television commercials
• Radio spots
• Collateral materials
A business is defined by what it sells. Our enterprise-class platform enables businesses to publish all types of inventory and content easily into the mobile space. Delivered in SMS and Mobile Web formats, product information can be delivered to virtually any handset.
QR Codes combined with mobile texting make Triad Rewards comprehensive and user friendly while driving tremendous brand awareness and NEW traffic in the form of sales and collectable data for your future use. Create a QR Code to link instantly and directly through to your website or social network. Or create a QR Code to link through to a list of your sites and networks so users can choose how they want to connect with you.
A Virtual Business Card (vCard) is a unique and engaging way to network you to your prospects and customers.
Most business cards get tossed in the trash or lost never to found again. Don’t let your information get thrown out ever again with the new virtual business cards. Simply have your prospects and customers text your name or “keyword” to a short code to receive your contact information. It’s a unique and engaging way to make sure you always leave a good impression and an even greater value is in the database of contacts that you can build up over time. Your virtual business card message can say anything you want such as your name, business name, link to your website, link to your portfolio or resume, a slogan, contact information or any other message. The information you send to your contacts can easily be saved and will never be thrown out like traditional business cards. The Virtual business is also environmentally friendly!
We work with a lot of local companies in the area and help them build their mobile database in order to bring their customers back in via text message alerts, promotions, and special offers.Let us introduce you to “The Tablet”.  Think of what it would mean if you could bring your customers – both old and new for a couple additional visits a month??This is a machine that will act as a conveyor belt for foot traffic in your store. The best part about it – is it’s simple.

Picture this – your customers come into the store, they type their mobile number into your touch screen tablet and BAM -automatically receive a text message welcoming them into your program and receiving an exclusive VIP offer.

It’s that easy.

Fast forward one week – and now it’s time to invite those customers back in for another visit.

A text message is sent out DIRECTLY FROM THE TABLET and received by all of your loyal customers.

Now watch. Your customers roll in – cell phone in hand – ready to redeem that amazing deal.