Digital Screen Media Kit


Consider the following when taking a look at augmenting your print advertising with our new digital advertising network:

• Intel conducted a three-month study that showed digital signs captured 400% more views than static signs.
• A DataTrend report found that digital signage increased purchase amount and dwell time by almost 30%.
• Because you can put up and take down different ads at the click of a button, you can be extremely effective in testing which of your marketing messages work best.

Advantages of OUR Local Digital Screen Advertising 

  • Ads cycle every 10 seconds Maximizes Impressions
  • Limited Number of ads per Location Less clutter, greater recall
  • Benefits of Digital Screen Advertising
  • State of the art, High-Res LCD monitors w/ Touch screen options
  • Placement in high traffic areas where people are living
  • Target locations of your choice
  • Advertising message can be changed at anytime
  • Choice of static or video ads to maximize ad engagement

Introductory Rates for Triad Local advertisers:
$25/location or $100 for 5 locations



As a benefit to our clients, we will be offering our clients with the opportunity to advertise their products and services on our new Digital Advertising Network. The roll out of the network starts in Winston-Salem and will then expand the digital network to all our locations in the eight county region we currently service.

If you would like to take advantage of our advertising screens at your location, the following steps will be taken to ensure your location is ready for the install:

If your location has a TV in a desired placement:

  1. A site visit is needed to identify type and mounting of installed tv. We will do an assessment of whether or not the installed tv can be outfitted with the necessary equipment we need to run the ads and event info.
  2. Ensure Wi-Fi is available and accessible
    (not locked down by IT).

If we need to install a TV at your location:

  1. Identify intended location of digital display. Ensure path clear for guests to view.
  2. Ensure 110v power outlet is available.
  3. Ensure Wi-Fi is available and accessible (not locked down by IT).
  4. Provide any schematics / drawings of structural and electrical/plumbing/Internet cables, etc in the selected location to ensure we are clear to mount the digital display.
  5. Determine if a flat, not adjustable wall mount is desired by hotel/apartment complex or one that can be adjusted (articulating wall mount).